Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Techvoz is an honorable part of Amazon Services LLC Associate Program which is designed in order to become a mean of meaning for websites and blog owners. The process works by putting the link of the product of interest from Amazon to the website in order to advertise about it and to earn easy bucks for advertising.

Keep in mind that each product you purchase from our website will not cause you any additional cost. You will have to pay the said amount of product on the Amazon original page.

Amazon affiliate works as a website owner firsts embed the link of a specific product which is shared by Amazon on their blog. Whenever, you click that link, you will be directed to Amazon for further shopping. In case you have added the desired product in your shopping car and you do go further to buy it in the next 24 hours, the website owner will earn a small percentage from that purchase.

Also for your information, Amazon links are not, “pay per click”. A website owner is only able to earn money when a customer makes a sale in next 24 hours

To simplify it further, anytime you see a  link with word Amazon in it, it will be an Amazon product which is embedded on a website.

A satisfied customer is our topmost priority. Indeed, Techvoz is designed solely for educating purposes. You will see reviews and informative content on this website along with some commercial content as well. The only purpose of making Techvoz is to educate people about which product to buy and which to not.