Esport, A new Rage in Indian Arena 

Esports is quickly becoming the new rage in the Indian Arena. With an ever-growing number of enthusiasts and tournaments being hosted regularly, it seems as though this burgeoning industry is here to stay. However, in India, esports is still in its infancy. Still, several enthusiastic fans are eager to get an update on India Esport trends and want to witness it grow exponentially in all sports markets. The roots of esports can be traced back to the early 1980s when video game tournaments were held in arcades and universities worldwide. Since then, esports has evolved into its unique subculture with a dedicated following.

The esports market will be worth $1.5 billion by 2023. While some traditional sports leagues are starting to take note, esports’ technological innovation has truly set it apart. From streamers and commentators to game engines and platforms, esports has embraced new technology to create an even more immersive experience for spectators. This includes real-time graphics and in-game chat features that allow viewers to directly engage with the players.

With spectacular growth in the gaming industry in the past decade, Esport has been a great platform covering all your gaming needs, from trending events and releases to exciting prizes and rewards set for the players in each sport. According to the Statista, over the period Esport market has evolved the gaming industry and made its place at the core of every region depending upon the content their audience is interested in. It brought convenience to the sports fan and helped millions get notified of the recent sports update. Gone were the days when gaming was too critical from traveling to the stadium to watch a football match or enjoy cricket tournaments. 

Beyond Imagination 

The esports market has proven to be an exceptional advancement in technology. Just like the way engineering goes into the sports making various pieces of equipment that add value like Bikes for racing or shoes for running, Esport has already made its position in the market by providing top-notch facilities that reduce human efforts and allow them to remain updated to the latest trending sports that were hardly possible in last two decades. Moreover, providing maximum Ergonomic comfort to the audience esport market can be considered a true affiliation to the latest technological trends.

 In an era of information technology, a beginner level players need to acknowledge themselves with sufficient knowledge related to the sports they want to pursue as a professional career, and due to the affiliation of the esport market with technological trends, the player can easily have a sufficient skill set before getting into the ground. For example, virtual reality glasses have been the most trending equipment in the esport market. It not only gives you a real-life experience but also makes you feel the environment of a particular sports industry. Furthermore, a list of electronic equipment has proven to be an impactful addition to the technological equipment. It includes HD screens, Headphones, Joysticks, Gaming Consoles, Keyboards, and microphones.

PC Gaming

The esports market has a great audience for PC gaming, and It is an economical option that compliments every need in a compact system. Contrary to the other esport gaming gadgets, PC gaming stands out for multiple reasons, the customization ability that allows players to create an environment more conveniently with a pool of options and shortcuts available through Gaming keyboard and mouse, With the exclusive demand in PC Gaming, e-sport is looking forward to further expand their market on such technology. Famous Brands like Asus and Dell (Alienware) provide gaming facilities with Esport-specific compact desktops.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming has increased over the last few years, and with such regard, the Esport market is looking to expand its mobile gaming circle to a different level.Some  Free-to-play games like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG),Vainglory, Arena of Valor, Free Fire, and Mobile Legends are playing vital role in mobile gaming revolution. Such games have proven to be a primary choice for many who love to play with maximum mobility. Also, it has increased the demand for E-gaming to a certain extent.

Console Gaming

Console Gaming is still trendy and can also be considered the most influential Esport gaming trend. It has been ruling E-gaming for over two decades, and the demand has even increased to millions. Gaming Consoles like Microsoft XBOX, Sony Playstation, and Nintendo are releasing their recent update in fewer than five years. Console gaming is expected to grow greater in coming as it gives a user maximum involvement and user interfacing in the game. Most played games in console gaming are Call of Duty, FIFA, WWE Wrestling, Uncharted Series, Resident Evil and Hitman series, etc.


5G is the most recent trend that has come across every industry and is making their ways to a distinctive position in each market; when it comes to gaming, 5G has a great portfolio to consider in such a short time; gone were the days when used to connect local networking service or LAN for internet connectivity, from coming this way long 5G is considered to be the most advanced technological trend for Esport gaming as well.

5G is considered to have a complete backhaul for the maximum Esport Gaming Market in the coming years. AT&T and SK Telecoms are some common names that have been provisioning services for Esport gaming, and internet companies are looking forward to getting updated.

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