A Guide on How to Become a Pro Gamer in Rust

Many video gamers consider adventure games boring, but the reverse is the case with Rust. Rust is one of the best and most competitive video games you will find out there. If you’re new to the rusty world of Rust, then you just clicked on the right article.

In this article, we will be sharing with you key survival tips to help you get better at Rust. We also recommend that you get some undetected Rust Cheats from Battlelog.co to ease your climb up Rust’s experience ladder.

A Pro gamer guide to playing Rust

1. Pros don’t just situate their base anywhere

If you intend to play Rust like a pro, then you must be willing not to make those common rookie mistakes. A common mistake some beginner players make is in building their base at the beach. You can easily guess what will happen if some troublesome player spawns at the beach close to their base.

Of course, they become easy targets that can lose all their precious loots before they can make a move. The best location to situate your base is where you can easily access basic items such as food and water. Without second thoughts, we’ll repeatedly recommend that you go far into the jungles and build your base.

2. A fire at night is one risk to avoid

You must cook your meat on fire before eating them. Also, the illumination a torchlight provides at night is equally important. However, your survival is way more important than whatever convenience a fire at night provides. Beginners easily mistake, giving off their location to nearby players.

You can easily get flanked and hacked to death by an inexperienced player. Instead of making a fire to cook at night, you can resort to eating berries and other cooked food prepared during the day. If you must make a fire at night, then you must do so with caution.

3. During raids, look for wooden doors and low-grade walls

Don’t go raiding buildings that have been sufficiently fortified with upgraded walls. When raiding in Rust, attack bases that have stone walls. The reason is clear – no one will store valuables in a house with poor walls. If the walls have been upgraded, then you’ll have a tough time going about this.

C4 is a very expensive item in Rust but is worth the sacrifice if you want to attack a massive fortress. It will help you to destroy walls as simply as you would a pack of cards. If the base you’re raiding has a wooden door, 200 hitpoints are all it takes to break in.

4. Look out for traps

Players in Rust can be forgetful at times, leaving their walls or windows open. This can mean some sweet loot and, at the same time, can cost you your life. However, the latter depends on if the owner of the base left the open door as a trap, is armed, and waiting for you inside.

In Rust, some common traps you could run into include Spikes, Shotgun traps, Mines, and the Auto turret. Spikes are less lethal and may spare you, except you fall on them. On the other hand, Mines can mean a death sentence if you step on one. However, you can destroy traps using explosives.

5. Knowing how to kill matters

If you want to survive in Rust, then you must be ready to deprive others of their survival rights. Pros don’t survive; they thrive – even if it means killing. Apart from learning to craft weapons, you must improve your aiming accuracy and precision. 

Luckily, rust has many servers players can choose from, including aim training servers. Importantly, you must always make sure that your shots are targeted at your opponent’s head. Even if you notice blood flowing from the legs when they get hit, they’re the last places you should shoot at.


Rust is a survival game that will keep you occupied in an immersive gaming experience. You can step up your game by making big moves instead of playing like a survivor. Follow the pro tips above, including the location of your base and shooting tips. Also, a fire at night will give you off, be cautious with it.

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