How To Make A Nether Portal In Minecraft?

A nether portal is a manufactured structure that is a virtual gateway between the overworld and the Nether dimension. Players usually find it difficult to create a Nether portal in Minecraft. The simple way to calculate the number of blocks in each dimension, use a nether calculator, you can divide the number of the blocks in each dimension. Then start to make the Nether portal. The Nether portal actually acts as a gate between the Overworld and the Nether dimension.

In this article, we try to explain the simple method of creating the Nether Portal, nether calculator is a simple way to create a Nether Portal.

The method of creating the Nether portal:

The Nether portal is created by using the vertical, rectangular frames of dimension 4× 5 minimum and 23× 23 of maximum. Use the nether portal calculator to determine the dimension and the number of block required to construct the Nether portal. The blocks can be placed in any direction but you need a well-defined structure in your mind, what you need to create, and what the shape looks like. 

Most immature players usually create an irregular shape, having an irregular symmetry and changing the position of the blocks, again and again, to create a shape. Try to use the nether calculator to determine the number of blocks you need in each dimension, then start to create the predefined shape. Use a nether calculator to create the dimension of the Nether Portal, for example, you can add the coordinate in the nether calculator as dimension is (X=100, Y=200, Z=100), the calculator will calculate the estimation for you, the result would be(X=12, Y=200, Z=12).

The Y coordinate remains the same both in the Nether world and the Over the world matrix. Now you can easily place the block in every direction by using the nether calculator. It can be difficult at the start, but when you make your Nether portal two to three times, you would learn the importance of the estimation by using the nether calculator.

Steps involved in creating the Nether Portal:

Once you become an expert in creating the Nether portal to enter from the overworld to nether, there would be predefined shapes in our world, so you can start creating the nether portal, without calculating the number of blocks in each direction. To calculate the number of blocks in each direction and then start to create the Nether portal. 

  • Draw a predefined shape on paper, if you are making the Nether portal for the first time to enter from the overworld to nether and from the nether to overworld.
  • Calculate the number of blocks in each direction, also determine the dimension of the block you are going to use to make the Nether portal. For this purpose use the nether calculator in each dimension of the Nether portal.
  •  If you learn how to use the nether calculator, it can be fun to create an impressive Nether portal. Everybody can create a simple Nether portal, you need mathematical calculation to build a  professional Nether portal. You can see the difference between a Nether portal prepared by an immature and by professionals.
  • Once you finish constructing the portal, activate the fire by placing it inside the frame of the nether portal. The fire can be lit in any manner, you can light the fire by using the fire charger, you would get a lightning strike inside the door. 

The behavior of the Nether portal:

The behavior of the Nether portal is typical, when a player is standing in the Nether portal for 4 seconds, the player would be taken into another dimension. If a portal is deactivated then you have to use the matching portal in the other world before it is reactivated. The usual cause of the deactivation is when the Nether spawns.

You have to learn a little about the behavior of the Nether portal, as there is a difference in dimension between the Nether world and the overworld. Immature players need to read out the manual of the game and try to understand the rules of the games, before login into a game. You can enjoy the game if you are familiar with the behavior of various characters in the Nether world.

Now you have to re-enter the Nether portal from the overworld to nether, so the nether portal is deactivated by itself. Most entities can enter through the portal including the mobs, thrown items, passengers, boats, mini carts, and horses. The other entities would travel through the portals instantly unlike the player, who needs special conditions to enter the Nether portal. 

For linking the blocks in the Nether portal, you need to understand the proportionality in the Nether world and the overworld, there is a ratio of 1:8 in both the worlds. So by moving 1 block horizontally in the Nether world, the player has moved 8 blocks in the Overworld. So by linking the blocks in the nether world, you have to X and the Z-axis by 8. 

The dimensions remain the same in the Y-axis, you have to calculate the dimension of the floor in the Nether world as [Floor(X ÷ 8), Y, (Z ÷ 8)]. The matching coordinates in the Overworld are [Floor(X ×8), Y, (Z × 8)]. These calculations are difficult for beginners, so you can use the nether calculator for the Nether world and Overworld. Try to use the nether calculator, if you are finding something unusual.

it is difficult to understand the dimensions of the Nether world and  Overworld, you don’t need to estimate the dimension, you simply have to put the values of (X, Y, Z) coordinates in the nether calculator. 

The calculator itself defines the dimension in the Nether world and Overworld. Sometimes it can be confusing to calculator the dimension for the Nether world and for the Overworld, especially the immature players need help in solving the issue, so they can use the nether calculator to find out the dimension and make an impressive Nether portal. Such a measured portal would fascinate everyone.

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