Idle Heroes Tier List 2022: Idle Heroes Best Heroes Ranked

Idle Heroes Tier List 2022: Idle Heroes Best Heroes Ranked

Idle hero tier list, idle heroes tier list 2022: As we all know Idle Heroes is one of the very popular RPG games. And we all know how difficult is to select the best heroes for team building.

If you have any kind of problem while creating a team, then read this article till the end. In this article, we have mentioned things that you need to know to create a team in Idle heroes. We have mentioned Idle Heroes Tier List 2022 here in this article so that you can create your own best team for Idle Heroes. This article is a complete guide to creating the best team in Idle Heroes.

Idle Heroes Tier List 2022

The idle heroes tier list is the ranking of the heroes based on their abilities. We have categorized all heroes into 5 different tiers (S-D). We have also considered factors like the value they bring to the team, their capacities and power, and utilities.

Idle hero tier list can help you to create the best team. But first of all, you have to understand this bellow mentioned idle heroes tier list. To understand the Idle hero tier list, you should read the below-mentioned explanation about how to understand this tier list to create the best team.

We have classified the tier list into 5 main tiers from S-D.

1. S Tier:

S tier is Heroes form idle hero tier list are the best heroes ranked. You should always try to include heroes in this tier as much as possible. These heroes perform exceptionally well than any other players.

2. A Tier:

Tier heroes are very strong and they perform well too. You should also try to include these heroes in your team.

3. B Tier:

Even though B-tier heroes aren’t enough strong, still they can give a performance that you would expect. If you know how to use heroes properly then B-tier heroes are also one of the best heroes.

4. C Tier:

C Tier heroes are not enough strong. They perform below average and you should not upgrade them too much.

5. D Tier:

D Tier heroes are the weakest heroes. Don’t spend your resources on Heroes in this tier.

And also note the logic behind + and -. for Eg. S+ heroes are better than S-, and similary A+ are better than A-.

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Idle Heroes Tier list

following are the tier all tier lists of the heroes in idle heroes.

S Tier Heroes

Sr. NoHeroesTierFactionClass
1Scarlet Queen- HaloraS+TranscendenceRanger
2Sword Flash- XiaS+TranscendenceAssassin
3Fairy Queen- VesaS+TranscendencePriest
4Star Wing- JahraS+TranscendenceMage
12Asmodel the DauntlessSTranscendenceWarrior

A Tier Heroes

Sr. NoHeroesTierFactionClass

B Tier Heroes in Idle Heroes Tier list

Sr. NoHeroesTierFactionClass

C Tier Heroes – Hero wars tier list 2022

Sr. NoHeroesTierFactionClass
3Faith BladeCLightAssassin

D-Tier Heroes

Sr. NoHeroesTierFactionClass

Idle Hero Tier list

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Best Attacker Heroes in Idle Heroes tier list

In RPG Games attackers’ heroes are extremely important. They play a very important role in RPG games like Idle heroes. Most of the players use attacker heroes in Idle heroes. Players even prefer to use Attacker heroes than tank heroes.

Following are the some best heroes in Idle Heroes:

  • Scarlet Queen- Halora
  • Delacium
  • Carrie

Best Tank Heroes

Most of the time’s tank heroes play the defensive role. Even though they don’t play a big role in Idle Heroes, they are still very useful. The main job of these heroes is to absorb maximum damage.

Following are the best tank heroes in the idle heroes tier list 2022:

  • Garuda
  • Sigmund
  • Tara
  • UniMax-300

Best Support Heroes

Following are some best Support Heroes in Idle Heroes tier list 2022:

  • Heart Watcher
  • Amen-Ra
  • Belrain


Idle heroes are one of the very popular RPG games. As every RPG game selecting the best combination of heroes is very very necessary. And Idle Heroes tier list helps you to create the best team. You can refer to above-mentioned tier list to create the best team for Idle Heroes.

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