Top Tech Companies in Kansas City, Missouri

The landscape of tech companies in Kansas City is as diverse as it is dynamic, painting a picture of a city as a center of technological innovation. With each passing year, Kansas City’s tech sector grows, fostering a thriving community of startups and established companies alike that are carving out niches in various industries, from health tech to fintech, and from government services to logistics.

As these companies grow, they contribute to a narrative of transformation and progress within Kansas City, drawing talent and attention from across the nation. The city’s central location, combined with a supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurs, makes it a fertile ground for tech ventures looking to make a significant impact. Here, we spotlight some of the trailblazers among the tech companies in Kansas City, showcasing their innovations, services, and the unique roles they play in both the local and global tech landscapes.

Top Tech Companies in Kansas City

Below is a list of some of the top tech companies in Kansas City. Let’s take a look at each one.


PayIt is revolutionizing how residents and governments interact by consolidating numerous services into one seamless platform. Founded in 2013, PayIt is a Kansas City-based company that simplifies complex processes, making paying taxes, renewing licenses, and completing other governmental transactions as easy as shopping online. Their intuitive platform has significantly improved user experience for government services, promoting better civic engagement.

The company’s innovative approach has garnered significant attention, positioning PayIt as a leader in digital government solutions. By focusing on technology that enhances both accessibility and efficiency, PayIt is setting new standards for public sector interactions and has become a model for government technology services nationwide.

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Bungii is addressing the challenge of transporting large items in an on-demand world. Their innovative platform connects users with local drivers who have the right vehicle for the job, facilitating quick and reliable delivery of bulky goods. The Kansas City startup has seen rapid adoption thanks to its partnerships with major retailers, offering a level of convenience that transforms the customer experience for large-item purchases.

By making same-day delivery for oversized items a reality, Bungii has filled a crucial gap in the logistics market. Their service not only benefits individual consumers but also supports businesses in expanding their delivery options, which in turn drives customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Far UV Technologies

Far UV Technologies is tackling public health challenges with its cutting-edge disinfection technology. Founded in 2016, the company produces devices that use ultraviolet light to neutralize pathogens in occupied spaces. Their products represent a significant advancement in making environments safer, particularly in the wake of the global pandemic.

Kansas City-based Far UV Technologies is not only innovating within the realm of disinfection but also collaborating with major partners like Boeing and NASA. This demonstrates the company’s reach and the city’s potential as a launchpad for tech companies with global ambitions.

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Savion is contributing to Kansas City’s green tech landscape with its focus on renewable energy projects. Since its founding in 2019, Savion has been developing large-scale photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage solutions. Their work supports the transition to a low-carbon economy, ensuring that clean energy is accessible and affordable.

As Kansas City invests in sustainable development, Savion is at the forefront, leading the charge with its extensive portfolio of energy projects. The company’s efforts to decarbonize the grid and promote renewable energy align with broader environmental goals and highlight the city’s commitment to fostering eco-friendly tech innovation.

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Brightergy is a distinguished energy company that has made significant strides in the renewable energy sector, particularly in commercial-scale solar generation. With over 1,500 individual solar generation projects completed across various states, Brightergy boasts a wealth of experience in designing, installing, and commissioning solar projects. The company’s expertise is not limited to solar power; they also deal with wind energy systems, offering comprehensive energy management services that include financing, monitoring, and maintenance​​​​.

Founded in 2010, Brightergy has since grown to support more than 600 commercial and tax-exempt organizations through its extensive project portfolio. The company’s commitment to renewable energy and sustainable practices is evident in the alliances it has formed with other significant players in the industry, such as the global engineering company Black & Veatch and Capstone Turbine Corporation, further advancing its capabilities and outreach in the green energy landscape​​.

Brightergy’s connection to Kansas City is foundational and ongoing. As a provider of energy solutions headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, Brightergy is a key player in the city’s industrial fabric. The company’s choice to base its operations in Kansas City underlines the region’s growing reputation as a hub for innovation and sustainable development. With a modest team and considerable funding, Brightergy’s influence extends beyond its local presence, reflecting Kansas City’s broader commitment to fostering environmentally responsible businesses and a greener future

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The Top Tech Companies in Kansas City

The landscape of tech companies in Kansas City is a vibrant and rapidly evolving one, reflecting the city’s growing reputation as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. With a supportive ecosystem that includes ample funding opportunities, a collaborative network of seasoned professionals, and a commitment to fostering talent locally, Kansas City is not only attracting but also nurturing tech companies across a spectrum of industries. From startups to established firms, these companies are contributing to the city’s economic vitality and are integral to positioning Kansas City as a competitive player in the national tech scene.

The presence of these tech companies in Kansas City has a ripple effect that extends beyond the immediate industry. Their innovation drives improvements in local infrastructure, education, and community development, making the city a better place to live and work for everyone. As they continue to break new ground, these companies are not just reshaping their respective fields; they are redefining the identity of Kansas City itself, transforming it into a city that’s synonymous with technology and progress. The future is bright for the city, and it stands as an inspiring example of what can be achieved when community, creativity, and technology converge.

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