Top Tech Companies in Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee, often celebrated for its vibrant music scene and rich history, has recently emerged as a hotspot for technology firms. The surge of tech companies in Nashville is reshaping the city’s economic landscape, attracting a wave of talent and investment that positions it as a groing hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. From healthcare IT to fintech, and from data analytics to digital platforms, Nashville’s tech sector is diverse and rapidly expanding, reflecting the city’s dynamic evolution beyond its traditional roots.

This transformation has not occurred in isolation. A collaborative ecosystem fostered by local government policies, educational institutions, and business leaders has provided the foundation for growth and development within the tech community. Nashville’s strategic location, combined with a lower cost of living compared to traditional tech meccas like Silicon Valley and New York, has also made it an attractive destination for startups and established companies looking to expand their footprint.

As a result, an impressive roster of tech companies now calls Nashville home, contributing not just to the economy but also to the city’s cultural and social fabric. These companies range from homegrown startups breaking new ground in their respective fields to major tech players that have recognized Nashville’s potential and established significant operations in the city. This influx of tech firms is not only creating jobs but also driving innovation, securing Nashville’s place on the map as a significant player in the technology sector.

Top Tech Companies in Nashville

Nashville, often revered as the heart of country music, is strumming a new tune in the technology sector. The city’s vibrant economy and entrepreneurial spirit have made it a hub for tech startups and established firms alike.

In the following sections, we will spotlight the top tech companies in Nashville that are hitting all the right notes in innovation and growth.

These top tech companies in Nashville are just the tip of the iceberg. The city’s tech landscape is teeming with firms that are coding a new narrative for Nashville’s economy, one innovation at a time. Whether you’re a tech professional looking for your next opportunity, or a business in search of cutting-edge solutions, Nashville’s tech community has something for everyone.


Asurion is not just another company in the tech landscape; it is a global leader in technology protection and support. Whether you’ve dropped your phone, experienced a computer crash, or faced a home appliance meltdown, Asurion is the safety net that over 300 million customers rely on to get back up and running. Their comprehensive protection plans, tech support, and insurance services cover a wide array of devices, ensuring peace of mind in our increasingly digital world.

Nashville might be famous for its country tunes, but Asurion’s choice to headquarter here is a melody of a different kind. The company’s history with Nashville began in 2003 when it moved its corporate headquarters to the city. Since then, it has become one of the largest tech employers in the region. Nashville provides a vibrant culture and a growing pool of tech talent that aligns with Asurion’s innovative and customer-focused ethos. This symbiotic relationship has helped the company flourish and, in turn, has contributed significantly to the economic growth and tech reputation of Nashville.

At the core of Asurion’s success is a culture that values open communication, employee development, and a customer-first mentality. The company fosters an environment where employees are encouraged to take ownership of their work and grow their careers. With a focus on diversity and inclusion, Asurion’s workforce is as varied as the customers they serve, which enriches the solutions and services they offer.

Asurion’s relentless pursuit of excellence is evident in its constant innovation. The company invests heavily in research and development to ensure it stays ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving tech landscape. By integrating cutting-edge technology into their services, they continue to redefine what it means to be a tech protection leader.


Eventbrite has transformed the way we experience events. As an event management and ticketing website, it empowers event organizers to plan, promote, and sell tickets to events of all sizes, while also making it easy for people to discover and purchase tickets to a vast array of live experiences. Their platform is a powerful tool that handles everything from event creation to ticket sales, marketing, and on-site operations.

Eventbrite’s connection to Nashville is a testament to the city’s growing tech clout. In 2016, they opened an office in Nashville to serve as a hub for their engineering, sales, and customer experience teams. Nashville was chosen for its vibrant culture, affordability, and booming tech scene—qualities that mirror Eventbrite’s innovative and community-oriented nature. The city’s rich musical heritage also aligns perfectly with Eventbrite’s significant role in the live music and festival sectors.

Eventbrite is more than just a platform; it’s a community builder. It provides event creators with the tools they need to bring people together, fostering community through shared experiences. The company places a high value on user experience, ensuring that both event creators and attendees have a seamless and enjoyable journey from start to finish.

As Eventbrite looks to the future, it remains committed to enhancing and expanding its platform to meet the evolving needs of event creators and goers. By leveraging technology such as artificial intelligence and data analytics, Eventbrite is poised to continue leading the event management industry, making the process of hosting and attending events more enjoyable and efficient.

Change Healthcare

Nashville’s reputation as a healthcare industry hub is furthered by Change Healthcare’s significant presence in the city. The company has deep roots in the community, having been formed through the combination of Nashville-based companies and with a history that intertwines with the city’s own healthcare evolution. Nashville provides a rich environment of healthcare professionals and organizations, which has allowed Change Healthcare to collaborate closely with some of the leading minds in the industry.

Change Healthcare is driven by a culture of relentless innovation. Their team is encouraged to think differently, challenge the status quo, and drive transformation in healthcare. The organization is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment where every voice is heard and valued, fostering an atmosphere where breakthrough ideas can thrive.

Looking to the future, Change Healthcare continues to invest in new technologies and solutions that promise to further enhance the way healthcare data is managed and utilized. By prioritizing connectivity, analytics, and patient-centric services, they aim to facilitate a more coordinated healthcare system that benefits all stakeholders.


Lyft has become synonymous with the transformation of urban transportation. Their commitment goes beyond the ride-sharing services that they are known for; it extends into the realm of social impact and community development. Lyft strives to improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation, making cities more livable and reducing carbon footprint through shared rides and bikes.

Lyft’s choice of Nashville for one of its operational centers reflects the city’s dynamic growth and strategic importance. Nashville is a key market for Lyft, and the company has a history of engaging with the local community through partnerships and initiatives aimed at improving transportation access and equity. Their presence in the city not only brings jobs but also underscores Lyft’s commitment to integrating into and supporting the communities where they operate.

The culture at Lyft is one of inclusivity and sustainability. They have pioneered a number of initiatives to support drivers, promote diversity, and create a positive impact on the environment. Lyft’s community engagement in Nashville includes participating in local events, supporting disaster response programs, and providing free ride credits to non-profit organizations.

Lyft’s vision for the future is ambitious, with a strong emphasis on sustainability. They have pledged to achieve a majority electric or zero-emission fleet by 2030. In Nashville and beyond, Lyft is not just providing rides; they’re part of a movement towards a more sustainable and connected world.


Amazon’s Operations Center of Excellence in Nashville represents a significant milestone in the company’s logistical prowess and technological innovation. This center is critical for Amazon’s ability to deliver a vast array of products quickly and efficiently to customers across the nation. The center brings together customer fulfillment, transportation, supply chain, and other key Amazon operations.

The decision by Amazon to establish its Operations Center of Excellence in Nashville is a vote of confidence in the city’s thriving tech ecosystem and its skilled workforce. Nashville was chosen after a competitive selection process, and Amazon’s investment is a clear indicator of the city’s potential to be a leader in technology and logistics. This move has cemented Nashville’s role as a prime location for tech talent and innovation.

Amazon’s presence in Nashville is more than just a business decision—it’s a partnership that fuels economic growth and opportunity in the region. The company brings thousands of jobs to the area and works closely with local institutions to develop programs that will prepare the workforce for the future of work.

Looking ahead, Amazon is set to continue its expansion in Nashville, with the Operations Center of Excellence playing a central role in the company’s nationwide network. By leveraging Nashville’s talent and strategic location, Amazon is well-positioned to innovate and grow in the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce and technology.


SmileDirectClub is not just a company; it’s a revolution in dental care. By harnessing the power of technology and teledentistry, SmileDirectClub has brought orthodontic treatment into the digital age. Their clear aligner therapy, directed through an online platform, has made having a beautiful smile more accessible and affordable than ever before, breaking down the traditional barriers to orthodontic treatment.

As a company based in Nashville, SmileDirectClub taps into the city’s innovative spirit and its growing reputation as a healthcare technology center. The company’s journey began in Nashville, and it has since become emblematic of the city’s entrepreneurial ethos. Nashville provides a fertile ground for healthcare innovation, and SmileDirectClub’s growth is intertwined with the city’s culture of innovation and community support.

Beyond just straightening teeth, SmileDirectClub is committed to transforming lives by giving people the confidence to smile. They’ve harnessed cutting-edge 3D printing technology to customize aligners and have built a robust telehealth platform that brings the orthodontist’s office into the customer’s home. This customer-centric approach has resonated with millions, making them a leader in the oral care industry.

Looking forward, SmileDirectClub continues to expand its reach and services, exploring new technologies and treatment options. They are not only committed to growth but also to sustainability, with initiatives aimed at reducing the environmental impact of their products and operations. As they grow, they remain firmly anchored in Nashville, sharing the city’s forward-thinking and community-oriented values. represents a beacon of innovation in the field of small business finance. By offering a blend of advanced software with personalized service, stands apart as a financial back office for modern companies. Their platform provides intuitive tools and expert assistance, allowing businesses to focus on growth while manages their financial complexities.

Though operates globally, its connection with Nashville has been significant. The city’s emergence as a tech hub has created an environment ripe for the kind of innovative thinking that Pilot embodies. Nashville’s supportive startup ecosystem and its culture of collaboration have provided Pilot with a solid foundation from which to disrupt the traditional accounting industry. is redefining what small businesses and startups can expect from their financial services providers. By automating the most tedious parts of bookkeeping and providing insights into financial health, empowers entrepreneurs to make informed decisions without getting bogged down by financial minutiae.

As looks to the future, they are poised to leverage Nashville’s growing pool of tech talent to further enhance their offerings. Their vision extends beyond bookkeeping, aiming to become an indispensable platform for all aspects of small business financial management.


TechnologyAdvice has carved out a unique niche in the tech industry as a trusted advisor for businesses navigating the ever-expanding world of technology solutions. With their comprehensive reviews, personalized recommendations, and hands-on guidance, they serve as a crucial resource for companies looking to make informed IT decisions.

Nashville’s rise as a tech epicenter is reflected in the success story of TechnologyAdvice. The company’s growth has paralleled the city’s own transformation into a technology hub. The synergy between TechnologyAdvice and Nashville is a testament to the city’s ability to cultivate high-growth tech companies and attract top-tier talent.

At the heart of TechnologyAdvice’s mission is the belief that the right technology can transform a business. Their team of experts is dedicated to demystifying the complex tech landscape for their clients, offering clarity and direction that saves time and maximizes investment.

Looking ahead, TechnologyAdvice is committed to expanding its role as an industry leader in the tech advisory space. As technology continues to evolve, they aim to be at the forefront, guiding businesses through the digital transformation with expertise and insight. And as Nashville continues to grow as a technology hub, TechnologyAdvice is positioned to be one of its leading lights.

Built Technologies

Built Technologies is a fintech innovator simplifying the once-complex world of construction lending. Their platform acts as a bridge, connecting lenders, builders, and all relevant parties within the construction loan process. By digitizing loan management, Built Technologies injects efficiency and transparency into a traditionally opaque process, driving progress in the construction sector.

Built Technologies’ success is a reflection of Nashville’s growing reputation as a center for fintech innovation. The city’s supportive business environment and its embrace of technological advancement have provided an ideal backdrop for Built’s mission to streamline construction finance. Nashville’s culture of collaboration and innovation has been instrumental in Built’s journey, further establishing the city as a fintech hotspot.

With their user-friendly interface and comprehensive management tools, Built Technologies has become a key player in construction finance. They are not just improving loan management; they are helping to fuel the construction industry’s growth by enabling projects to move forward with greater speed and less financial friction.

The future looks promising for Built Technologies as they continue to leverage Nashville’s tech-friendly climate to enhance their offerings. The company is poised to redefine construction lending globally, with a vision that aligns with the city’s reputation as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Top Tech Companies in Nashville

The ascent of tech companies in Nashville is more than a fleeting trend; it’s a testament to the city’s resilience, adaptability, and forward-thinking mindset. As these businesses continue to flourish, they contribute significantly to Nashville’s economic diversification, creating a robust job market and fostering a culture of innovation. The city’s tech sector is not only attracting new talent but also retaining the bright minds educated at its universities, further solidifying its reputation as a tech hub.

Moreover, Nashville’s tech landscape is characterized by a unique blend of collaboration and competition, which propels the industry forward. The symbiotic relationship between the city’s rich cultural heritage and its tech scene creates an environment where creative solutions thrive. This dynamic is leading to a future where technology and tradition coexist and enhance one another, showcasing the true spirit of Nashville.

In conclusion, the rise of tech companies in Nashville signals a vibrant future for the city, one where economic growth is balanced with cultural enrichment. As Nashville continues to welcome innovators and visionaries, it stands poised to not only contribute to the tech industry at a national level but to also set a precedent for how technology can be integrated into the very fabric of a city’s identity. The story of Nashville’s transformation into a tech powerhouse is just beginning, and the world is watching with keen interest.

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