Top Tech Companies in Sacramento, California

Sacramento, California’s capital, is rapidly emerging as a hub for technology and innovation, rivalling its Californian neighbors like Silicon Valley and San Francisco. With a strategic location, robust infrastructure, and a growing talent pool from local universities, the city is attracting a diverse array of tech companies in Sacramento, from healthcare IT to aerospace and defense. This surge is not just transforming the economic landscape of the region but also signaling a tech renaissance in the state’s political heart.

The proliferation of tech companies in Sacramento is a testament to the city’s supportive policies and community that foster innovation and entrepreneurship. Initiatives to bolster the tech ecosystem, such as the establishment of innovation districts and the provision of incentives for startups, have made Sacramento an attractive destination for both established companies and emerging ventures. Moreover, the city’s commitment to sustainability and quality of life resonates with tech companies aiming to offer a balanced lifestyle to their employees.

This vibrancy in Sacramento’s tech scene is not a recent phenomenon; it has been building up over the years. A blend of history, culture, and forward-thinking governance has laid the foundation for what is becoming one of California’s most dynamic tech landscapes. Companies here are not just participants in the local economy, but active contributors to the city’s journey towards becoming a recognized leader in technology.

Top Tech Companies in Sacramento

In the heart of California, Sacramento is rapidly emerging as a hub for technological innovation. With its thriving startup scene and a growing number of established tech firms, the state capital is attracting talent and investment from across the globe.

Below, we shine a spotlight on some of the top tech companies making waves in Sacramento.


SkySlope is a shining example of innovation in the real estate tech space. Their platform provides agents, brokers, and coordinators with a comprehensive suite of tools that simplify the real estate transaction process from start to finish. By automating tasks such as document filing and signature collection, SkySlope has become indispensable for professionals looking to improve efficiency and compliance.

SkySlope’s focus on user experience is evident in their continuous updates and feature rollouts. Their commitment to supporting real estate professionals with intuitive and seamless technology has earned them a loyal user base and industry accolades. This dedication to excellence reflects the company’s understanding of the real estate market’s needs and its challenges.

SkySlope was founded in Sacramento and has grown significantly since its inception. The company’s history with Sacramento runs deep, and it has benefited from the region’s pool of talent and supportive business environment. As a local success story, SkySlope has contributed to Sacramento’s reputation as an up-and-coming tech hub, drawing more attention and resources to the city’s tech sector.

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Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation’s presence in the Sacramento area, particularly in Folsom, has been a cornerstone of the local tech industry for decades. Known globally for their innovative computer processors, Intel’s influence stretches far beyond the traditional PC market, reaching into the realms of data centers, IoT, and more, consistently pushing the envelope of what’s possible.

Intel’s investment in research and development is a testament to their commitment to progress. Their Folsom site is home to some of their most cutting-edge projects, ensuring that Intel products are at the forefront of technology. These initiatives not only contribute to the global tech landscape but also foster a culture of innovation within the company.

Intel’s Sacramento campus has a storied history, contributing significantly to the local economy and workforce development since its establishment. The company’s operations in the area have provided thousands of jobs and have been a magnet for other technology firms and talent to the region. Intel’s growth and longevity in Sacramento are emblematic of the city’s potential as a tech industry leader.

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PowerSchool stands out as a leader in educational technology, offering innovative solutions that enhance the learning and administrative experiences in K-12 education. Their suite of software impacts all facets of school management, from classroom learning to behind-the-scenes administrative tasks, ensuring that educators have the resources they need to succeed.

The company’s mission to improve the educational experience extends to building connections between teachers, students, and parents. PowerSchool’s platforms enable seamless communication and provide real-time insights into student performance, fostering a more collaborative and informed educational environment.

PowerSchool’s connection to Sacramento is more than geographical; it’s a relationship that has nurtured the company’s growth and allowed it to thrive. Originating from this area, PowerSchool has grown from a local startup to a global force in education technology, all while maintaining its headquarters in the Sacramento region. The company’s success has highlighted the area’s potential for fostering innovative educational tech companies.

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VSP Global

VSP Global is renowned for its vision care services, but its foray into technology has positioned it as a pioneer in eye care innovation. The company’s advanced software and technological solutions serve both providers and patients, making it a unique hybrid of health care and tech innovation.

With a focus on using technology to enhance vision care, VSP Global has developed a range of products and services that integrate the latest in eye care technology. From digital eye exams to data-driven personalized care plans, VSP is at the forefront of technological advances in the field.

VSP Global has made a significant mark on Sacramento, not only as a leading employer but also as a community partner. The company was founded in California and its commitment to the Sacramento region has been evident through its continuous investment and involvement in local initiatives. VSP’s growth has contributed to Sacramento’s economic development and the overall health of its citizens, showcasing the city’s capacity to support major health tech companies.

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Centene Corporation

Centene Corporation, a multinational healthcare enterprise, has made significant inroads in the realm of healthcare technology. With its mission to provide high-quality healthcare services that are accessible and affordable, Centene utilizes an array of software and technology solutions to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery.

Centene’s commitment to innovation is evident in its use of data analytics and technology to improve patient outcomes. Their investment in advanced health management systems and telehealth services reflects a forward-thinking approach to healthcare that prioritizes patient engagement and personalized care.

Centene’s choice to establish a significant presence in Sacramento has had a profound impact on the local economy. The company’s Sacramento office serves as a vital hub for its operations and exemplifies the city’s growing influence in the healthcare technology sector. Centene’s presence in Sacramento underscores the region’s ability to attract and retain large-scale, health-focused tech enterprises that are dedicated to community welfare.

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HP Inc.

HP Inc. has long been associated with innovation in the tech industry, particularly in the realms of printing and personal computing. The company’s portfolio spans from home printers to sophisticated business solutions, all designed with the goal of making technology that improves daily life for users around the globe.

Apart from technological advancements, HP is also committed to sustainability. Their efforts to design eco-friendly products and to implement circular economy principles stand out as industry-leading. This commitment to environmental stewardship is woven into the fabric of their product development and corporate ethos.

While HP Inc. is a global company, its roots in the Sacramento area have played a crucial role in its history and development. The region has served as a strategic location for both manufacturing and innovation, aiding HP in maintaining its status as a tech giant. Sacramento has benefited from HP’s presence, which has provided job opportunities and bolstered the local tech ecosystem, reinforcing the city’s position as a key player in the tech industry.

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Aerojet Rocketdyne

Aerojet Rocketdyne’s position at the forefront of aerospace and defense technology is marked by its expertise in propulsion systems. The company’s engines have powered historic space missions and are integral to national defense, demonstrating a legacy of excellence and innovation in engineering.

Aerojet Rocketdyne’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of space exploration and defense capabilities is evident in their cutting-edge research and development. Their work on advanced propulsion technologies continues to set the stage for the next generation of space travel and exploration.

Aerojet Rocketdyne has a long and storied history with Sacramento, having been a major employer and economic force in the region for many years. The company’s presence in the area has not only fueled technological advancements but has also driven workforce development and community growth. Aerojet Rocketdyne’s contributions have been pivotal in establishing Sacramento as a center for aerospace excellence.

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QuestionPro stands out as a leader in providing online survey software that allows businesses to conduct comprehensive market research. Their tools facilitate the gathering of insights into customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and more, enabling organizations to make informed decisions based on robust data.

With a platform that supports complex research methodologies, QuestionPro has made it easier for companies to capture and analyze data. Their commitment to delivering a seamless experience from survey creation to data analysis has made them a go-to resource for businesses looking to harness the power of market research.

QuestionPro’s expansion to Sacramento is a testament to the city’s nurturing environment for tech companies. By choosing Sacramento as a base, QuestionPro benefits from the region’s diverse talent pool and supportive business climate. The company’s growth contributes to Sacramento’s tech ecosystem, adding to the city’s diverse array of innovative firms.

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The Top Tech Companies in Sacramento

As we observe the technological landscape of Sacramento, it’s clear that the city has become an integral node in the network of innovation that spans across California. The rich tapestry of tech companies in Sacramento is not only diversifying the economic base but is also cultivating a culture of innovation that permeates various sectors, from healthcare to aerospace and beyond. This tech hub is redefining the future of work and business in the region, fostering an environment where technology and community intersect to drive progress.

The momentum gained by tech companies in Sacramento is indicative of a larger trend where cities with strategic advantages are carving out niches for themselves in the competitive tech industry. Sacramento’s blend of governmental support, strategic location, and a lifestyle that balances urban living with access to nature, presents a compelling narrative for companies and talent alike. This symbiosis between city and technology is creating a fertile ground for future innovations and opportunities.

In conclusion, the ascent of tech companies in Sacramento signifies more than just economic growth; it heralds a new era of regional transformation. The convergence of tech talent, progressive initiatives, and community engagement in Sacramento is not only bolstering California’s status as a tech powerhouse but is also setting a precedent for other cities to follow. As Sacramento continues to embrace and cultivate its tech ecosystem, it stands as a beacon of possibility, demonstrating how technology can propel a city into a new chapter of prosperity and prominence.

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