Top Tech Companies in Tampa, Florida

As we dive into the vibrant tech scene of the Sunshine State, it becomes apparent that the city of Tampa is not just known for its picturesque waterfronts and historic architecture. It’s also making a name for itself as a hotspot for technology and innovation. The tech companies in Tampa are diverse, ranging from cybersecurity to health tech, and they are increasingly attracting talent and investment, positioning the city as a competitive player in the global tech arena.

This rise in the tech industry is supported by a combination of factors: a collaborative ecosystem, supportive government policies, and a community that fosters innovation. Tampa’s tech companies benefit from the city’s strategic location, which provides access to a large market, and a cost of living that is more affordable than many other tech hubs. This advantageous blend of elements is helping to create a thriving environment where tech companies can grow and prosper.

Amidst this dynamic backdrop, several tech companies stand out for their impressive contributions to both the local economy and the tech industry at large. From firms revolutionizing the cybersecurity landscape to those redefining corporate wellness through digital innovations, Tampa’s tech companies are not only creating cutting-edge products and services but are also contributing to the city’s reputation as a growing hub for technology and entrepreneurship. Let’s explore some of these top tech companies in Tampa and discover what makes them integral players in the tech field.

Top Tech Companies in Tampa

Below is a list of some of the top tech companies in Tampa. Let’s take a look at each one.


ReliaQuest is a cybersecurity firm that’s redefining how companies secure their networks and data. With the increasing complexity of cyber threats, ReliaQuest’s model of combining machine learning with human expertise is more relevant than ever. Their platform, GreyMatter, is a proactive, predictive, and always-on solution that has gained significant traction in the cybersecurity industry.

By integrating with existing cybersecurity tools, ReliaQuest’s GreyMatter brings visibility, coordination, and control to security teams, enabling them to better detect and respond to threats. The platform’s analytics and automation features are designed to enhance the effectiveness of security operations centers (SOCs).

ReliaQuest’s approach to cybersecurity has earned them recognition and respect within the tech industry. Their contributions to threat detection, security model management, and continuous security improvement methodologies have set new standards within the cybersecurity community.

Based in Tampa, ReliaQuest has been a key player in transforming the city into a cybersecurity hub. The company’s growth and success are testaments to Tampa’s ability to foster innovative tech firms. Their local impact is seen through their commitment to the community, including partnerships with educational institutions to develop future tech talent.

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Syniverse is a global telecommunications firm that plays a critical role in how people and businesses around the world connect and communicate. As the world becomes increasingly mobile, Syniverse’s services have become essential for seamless connectivity and communication across different networks and devices.

Their offerings include messaging services, roaming and connectivity solutions, and network and policy management, which are integral for mobile operators, enterprises, and other telecommunications industry players. With the explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT), Syniverse is also expanding its solutions to cater to the growing demand for interconnected devices.

Syniverse’s global platform connects more than seven billion mobile devices and processes over $35 billion in mobile transactions annually, which speaks volumes about their impact on the telecommunications industry. They bridge communication gaps between different network technologies and service providers, ensuring that users have uninterrupted access to data and services.

Syniverse has deep roots in Tampa, with a history that spans back to when it was a division of GTE, a telecommunications company that was based in the Tampa area. Today, Syniverse continues to be a prominent fixture in Tampa’s tech landscape, contributing to the city’s reputation as an emerging center for technological innovation.

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KnowBe4 stands at the forefront of the cybersecurity education space, providing comprehensive training solutions that help organizations around the world tackle the ever-growing threat of phishing and other security compromises. Their educational platforms are designed to train employees to recognize and avoid cyber threats effectively.

With a robust library of training content, including interactive modules, videos, and simulated phishing attacks, KnowBe4 educates employees about the importance of vigilance in the digital age. Their services empower businesses to create a culture of security awareness, turning one of the weakest links in security—human error—into a line of defense.

The effectiveness of KnowBe4’s approach has made it a leader in security awareness training. They have been instrumental in shifting the cybersecurity paradigm from purely technical defenses to include a strong human element, acknowledging that informed employees are critical to safeguarding information.

KnowBe4’s presence in Tampa underscores the city’s growing reputation as a tech hub. Established in Clearwater, just across the bay from Tampa, KnowBe4 benefits from the region’s talent pool and contributes to the local economy. The company’s success is a beacon for other tech enterprises considering Tampa as a base of operations, highlighting the area’s potential to support high-tech industries.

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Masonite is an established company primarily known for its manufacturing of doors. However, it has been incorporating advanced technology to lead innovation within its industry. From adopting cutting-edge design software to integrating smart home technology with their products, Masonite is redefining what it means to be a door manufacturer in the 21st century.

Innovation at Masonite includes offering a suite of design and functional options for their doors, like their smart home compatible doors that can integrate with home automation systems. Their commitment to technology extends to their manufacturing processes, where they leverage automation and data analytics to improve efficiency and product quality.

Masonite’s embrace of technology has set a new standard for building materials manufacturers. Their push towards integrating smart technology in home fixtures has paved the way for more dynamic and interactive home environments, influencing the industry’s future direction.

Masonite’s innovation center in Tampa is a hub for developing the next generation of door technology. The company’s choice to base its R&D operations in Tampa is a testament to the city’s ability to attract and retain innovative manufacturing companies. Their growth has had a positive impact on the local job market and has helped foster a spirit of innovation in the manufacturing sector within the region.

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ConnectWise provides comprehensive business management software that enables IT service providers to efficiently manage their operations and deliver exceptional service. Their suite of tools is tailored to support the needs of technology solution providers of all sizes.

The ConnectWise platform includes a variety of software solutions, such as ConnectWise Automate for remote monitoring and management, ConnectWise Manage for business process automation, and ConnectWise Sell for quote and proposal automation. These tools work together to streamline the complexities of running a technology services business.

ConnectWise’s software has become essential for many IT service providers, assisting them in optimizing their services and client interactions. By improving operational efficiencies, ConnectWise enables tech companies to scale their services and enhance their customer support.

ConnectWise is a shining example of Tampa’s dynamic tech landscape. Founded and headquartered in Tampa, the company has grown significantly while contributing to the area’s economy and tech sector prominence. ConnectWise’s commitment to innovation and community engagement has helped elevate Tampa’s status as a growing tech capital.

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Accusoft is a pioneer in the document and imaging software industry, providing a comprehensive suite of development tools that enable seamless integration into a variety of applications. They cater to developers looking to incorporate advanced document handling capabilities into their software.

Accusoft’s portfolio boasts a wide array of document and imaging solutions, including scanning, OCR, barcode recognition, compression, and PDF manipulation tools. Their technology is versatile, supporting the development of applications that require robust document and image processing capabilities.

The company has made significant contributions to the field of document management and imaging technology, with its products being used across multiple industries, from healthcare to finance, helping organizations manage and process their documentation more efficiently.

Situated in Tampa, Accusoft is part of the city’s flourishing tech ecosystem. The company’s success and longevity have made it an integral part of Tampa’s tech story, illustrating the city’s conducive environment for tech companies that focus on B2B solutions.

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AgileThought is a full-service custom software consulting firm that leverages agile methodologies to develop cutting-edge solutions for complex business challenges. They partner with companies across various sectors to create software that drives business value.

Specializing in a user-centric and collaborative approach, AgileThought’s services range from custom software development and cloud transformation to UX design and agile consulting. They work closely with clients to ensure that the end product is aligned with business goals and delivers a competitive edge.

AgileThought’s adoption of agile practices has positioned it as a leader in creating efficient, flexible, and scalable software solutions. They have fostered a culture of continuous improvement and rapid adaptation, which is critical in the fast-paced tech industry.

With a strong presence in Tampa, AgileThought is part of the city’s growing reputation as a hub for innovative tech firms. Their work with local and international clients showcases Tampa’s potential as a center for software excellence and agile innovation.

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Peerfit is revolutionizing the corporate wellness industry with its digital platform that connects companies and their employees to personalized fitness experiences. They are at the forefront of the digital wellness movement, making fitness more accessible and flexible for the modern workforce.

Peerfit’s digital platform allows employees to tailor their fitness journey to their personal preferences, with access to a network of fitness studios and wellness services. This approach encourages a more active lifestyle and has been linked to improved employee health outcomes and productivity.

The company’s innovative model has disrupted the traditional corporate wellness space by introducing a more user-friendly and engaging way to promote health and wellness in the workplace.

Peerfit is headquartered in Tampa and exemplifies the city’s entrepreneurial spirit and its nurturing environment for startups. Their growth reflects Tampa’s commitment to supporting health-tech companies and underscores the region’s potential as a breeding ground for innovative health and wellness solutions.

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Sparxoo is an integrated digital marketing agency that excels in branding and digital strategy, driving growth for businesses through innovative campaigns. They combine creativity with analytics to deliver compelling marketing solutions.

Sparxoo offers a range of services including digital marketing, brand development, web design, and video production. They are known for their strategic approach, which involves understanding a brand’s unique story and crafting narratives that resonate with target audiences.

By leveraging digital channels to amplify brand presence and engage with consumers, Sparxoo has helped numerous companies adapt and thrive in the digital landscape. Their work has been instrumental in transforming marketing strategies to meet the demands of a constantly evolving online world.

Based in Tampa, Sparxoo benefits from the city’s diverse business environment and contributes to the vibrant creative and tech community. Their success is intertwined with Tampa’s economic growth and the city’s emerging status as a creative hub.

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Nielsen is a global leader in measurement and data analytics, delivering comprehensive insights into consumer behavior and market trends. Their data and analyses provide a crucial understanding of the consumer landscape, aiding businesses in making informed decisions.

Nielsen offers a wide array of services, including audience measurement, consumer insights, and analytics. Their cutting-edge technology and methodologies provide a detailed and trusted view of consumers and markets around the world.

Nielsen’s work is foundational to numerous industries, from advertising to retail, where understanding consumer behavior is key to success. Their commitment to accurate and detailed data collection and analysis has set the standard in market research.

While Nielsen operates globally, they have a significant presence in Tampa, where they employ a large workforce and play a role in the community. Their presence in the city underscores Tampa’s ability to attract and support major multinational corporations in the tech and analytics space.

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The Top Tech Companies in Tampa

In summary, the tech companies in Tampa are a testament to the city’s evolving landscape, one that is increasingly defined by innovation, growth, and a forward-thinking mentality. As these companies continue to expand, they not only contribute to the local economy but also to the broader technological advancements that impact various industries worldwide. The diversity of services and products offered by these firms—from data analytics to agile software development—demonstrates the breadth of Tampa’s tech sector and its potential to compete on a global scale.

Moreover, the presence of these companies has a ripple effect on the community, fostering job creation, encouraging local talent development, and attracting further investment into the region. Tampa’s tech scene is poised for continued growth, with each company playing a crucial role in shaping the city’s identity as a modern tech hub. The commitment to innovation and excellence shared by these tech companies in Tampa ensures that the city will remain at the forefront of the technology conversation for years to come.

As Tampa cements its position within the tech industry, it becomes clear that the city is not just a place of historical significance or tourist appeal, but a beacon for tech professionals and entrepreneurs alike. The success stories of these top tech companies are not only inspiring but also indicative of Tampa’s potential to redefine itself as a city where technology and tradition merge to create a vibrant and prosperous community.

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