Terms Of Services

By using our website i.e., Techvoz, you are agreeing to all terms of services. You will be given an authority to bind will all third-party apps available on our website. If you are not willing to accept your terms, you can simply leave and should not visit our website until and unless you agree to our terms.

All kind of audience i.e. visitors, viewers, users, subscribers, and members are referred to only visitors and are the part of this agreement.

The website itself, its operators and other management authorities are also the parties in this agreement.

By using Techvoz, you are giving as authority to collect your essential data although it will remain safe and protected in our servers. We have also got the rights to change the policy of our website at any time.

Until and unless you engage in some sort of business partnership with our website, you hereby have got no authority to copy, publish or to sell the contents of this website by any means. Sever and legal actions will be taken against those found guilty. In case of violation of our terms of service, the person found guilty should be asked to compensate an estimate of $100,000 since it would be very hard for the website operators to calculate the actual damage done.

There will be an ongoing interaction going on between the visitors and third-party apps in near future, Techvoz thus takes no responsibility for any kind of harmful virus or software entering the visitor’s operating system.

In any case, the user, visitor or subscriber is not permitted to go to the court, have a jury or a trial if his operating system is affected with malicious software.

The terms of use may be changed at any time when its necessary. By visiting Techvoz, you are also agreeing to this change.

By using this website, you are also agreeing to the terms that you will never steal, copy or publish the content from Techvoz in any means.

If found guilty, you should also agree to be ready for legal action.

We also hold a fair right to terminate, change or modify our business whenever we feel like it. In any case, we will not be answerable to you by any means.

We have also got the right to terminate your use on this website if we find out any suspicious activity by you. There will be no additional warnings and if we think that your comments are unethical or don’t meet our standard, we will terminate your usage without any further notice.