How To Do Vlogging with GoPro – Explained With Simple Steps

In case you have got a GoPro, and you don’t know much about how to do vlogging with a GoPro, this article is meant for you.

Today, I am going to list some simple steps that will help you to utilize your GoPro camera for making different kinds of vlogs.

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Let’s move towards our article without any further time wastage:

How to Make Action Vlogs with GoPro

First things first, GoPros are actually meant for action vlogging only. Action vlogging is basically recording different sports or adventurous activities with an action camera.

Some simple steps to make a perfect action vlog are as follows:

Things You Will Need:

  1. GoPro Camera:

GoPro camera is necessary as you will be making ultra HD videos with it. The most common GoPros are Hero 5 and Hero 6. You can choose the one that suits you.

  1. Mounts:

Strap and mounts are also necessary if you are about to make an action vlog which involves cycling or skiing etc. So, make sure that you have got chest mounts, head mounts and other mounts for a better view.

  1. Monopod:

You will also need a monopod to capture wide-angle video shots with ease. A monopod is necessary for vlogging with GoPro as it adds stabilization to your video as well as different angles to make your vlogging awesome.

  1. Wireless Remote Control:

You will also need a wireless remote control to add more convenience while shooting action videos. You cannot handle the camera with your own hands while making a video shoot especially during cycling and skiing, that’s why a wireless remote control is necessary.

  1. SD Card:

The last thing you will need is extra memory as GoPro will require a good memory to accommodated 4K videos.

Select an SD card which has got high writing and reading speed along with high memory.

Steps to Make a Perfect Action Vlog:

Now, that you have got ideal gear, the next step will be to make your first vlog.

Try these simple steps to make your first action vlogs:

  1. Choose an Adventure:

The very first step to make a perfect action vlog is to select or choose the type of adventure that you want to film.

What do you want to do? Do you want to make action vlog on cycling? Have you got a motorcycle for different adventures? Are you on a hiking adventure?

It’s basically having an idea about what are you UP TO?

Choosing an adventure earlier will make your work easier and will keep you focused.

Vlogging with GoPro should be followed by choosing an adventure first or else you will end up making an irrelevant video.

  1. Make a Proper Pattern:

Yet another important tip for newbie action vloggers is to make a pattern of your action vlogs.

How are you going to start your vlog? Do you want to address your viewers first? Have you got any announcement for them?

What will you do during the action shoot? What are you going to portray while vlogging with a GoPro?

How will your video end? What are the things that you will say to your audience?

All these things matter when you are about to start shooting for your first ever action vlog.

That’s why always make a specific pattern for your action video while vlogging with a GoPro.

  1. Start Filming:

No, that you have got the main idea and a proper pattern, now is the time to start filming your vlogs.

Try to add beautiful shots in your videos. While filming you should try out different positions to get perfect angles of your action stunts.

Filming a video with GoPro becomes easy when you are using a different kind of mounts with it.

  1. Basic Video Editing:

You cannot just rush into uploading the action vlog on your YouTube channel. In fact, basic video editing is very necessary for your video shots.

If you cannot afford a paid application for editing your vlog, you can simply try out the free Android app named as Quik. It is a versatile video editing app introduced by GoPro.

While video editing, make sure that you are cropping the unnecessary video shots or else your audience will get bored with your vlog.

  1. Add Royalty-Free Music:

With proper video editing, you should also add royalty-free music where its due. Simply write the term royalty free music on Google and you will get a huge range of music to use free of cost.

You can also add different music effects to give a professional touch to your vlogs.

  1. Upload Your Vlog To YouTube:

After the final rendering, the next step in vlogging with a GoPro is to upload your video on YouTube.

While uploading keep the privacy setting of your video to unlisted.

Give a suitable title to your video. Add an attractive description and also give relevant tags to your first ever action vlog.

After the basic YouTube SEO, you should simply change the privacy settings to Public so that your video could be seen by random people on YouTube.

  1. Do Marketing of Your Video:

Now, that you have uploaded your very first action vlog on your channel, the next step is to do some video marketing or you can say that promotion of video.

The most simple ways of promoting your action vlogs is to share the link of your video on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

You can also try out different communities related to action vlogging.

Make sure that you involve your friends and family to watch your action vlog and give a thumbs up to your video along with a subscribe.


Creating an action vlog requires basic steps but if you do it with a proper pattern, you will build yourself as a popular action vlogger in a couple of months.

Outdoor Vlogging With a GoPro – How to Make an Effective Outdoor Vlog With GoPro

If you have got a GoPro video camera, you can also make an effective outdoor vlog with it easily.

Let’s have a look at what you will need and what are the steps to make an ideal outdoor vlog with a GoPro:

Things You Will Need for Outdoor Vlogging with GoPro:

  1. Action Camera:

A GoPro Hero 5, Hero 5 Session or Hero 7 is ideal for effective outdoor vlogging.

  1. Tripod:

Tripod is very necessary for outdoor vlogging with a GoPro. You will need it to provide stabilization to your video camera.

The tripod that I recommend to my fans is Joby GorillaPod which is perfect for a camera like GoPro.

  1. External Microphone:

Sadly, GoPro doesn’t come with an external microphone jack. But there is a possible solution to this issue.

Using an external mic adapter makes the GoPro connectable with an external microphone.

So, for outdoor vlogging with a GoPro, you will also need an external microphone along with a mic adapter t connect it easily.

Steps to Make an Outdoor Vlog with GoPro:

Some simple steps that help to make a perfect outdoor vlog with GoPro are as follows:

  1. Main Idea:

What kind of vlog do you want to make? What should it include? What type of outdoor videos do you want to make? What will be your main focus in video shoots?

These are some questions you must ask yourself before making an outdoor vlog.

  1. Writing Script of Your Vlog:

Only having the main idea is not enough. A proper script is also necessary for outdoor vlogging with a GoPro.

A proper script will give you a way to make your vlog as effective as possible.

If you are too lazy to write a script, make sure that you have noted the key points of your upcoming video in a diary or journal.

  1. Filming The Video:

Now the filming will begin. Keep the focus on the subject that you want to portray in your videos.

Make sure to use a tripod as it will add more stabilization to your videos and you will also be able to take shots from different angles.

While filming, make all your key points clear so that you can add more quality to your vlog.

  1. Video Editing;

Basic video editing is very necessary for outdoor vlog. While you are making shots for your video, don’t just rush into uploading it.

A proper video editing is required to make your vlog more professional. You can use free editing softwares like Windows Movie Maker or GoPro Quik to do instant editing in your videos.

Also, add royalty free music available from YouTube music library to make your outdoor vlogs gorgeous.

  1. Uploading Your Video On YouTube:

Last and final step is to upload your video on YouTube. While uploading, keep the video unlisted or private until you make an attractive title, add an attractive description and give relevant tags to your video.

After that made your video public and your job here is done.

Later on, make Social profiles and share the link of your videos to these social sites in order to gain early traffic.

You can also join different communities related to the type of vlogs you are making for an effective impact on your channel.


With the right gear, you can easily do outdoor vlogging with a GoPro by following the above-mentioned tips.

How to Do Time Lapse Vlogging With a GoPro?

Are you familiar with time lapse videos? Have you ever seen them? In case you are forgetting about a time lapse video, let me tell you in easy and simple wordings.

Time lapse is a video recording mode which allows you to capture video shots at a very low fps.

You can easily make a time lapse video on your GoPro camera as well.

Let’s take a look at some simple steps by which you can do time lapse vlogging with a GoPro;

Things You Will Need:

  1. Camera (GoPro Hero 5)
  2. Tripod (Joby GorillaPod)

Shooting a Time Lapse Video With GoPro Hero 5:

Let’s jump to the complete guide of how you can shoot a perfect time lapse video with GoPro:

  1. Time Lapse Settings for GoPro Hero 5:

Setting up a GoPro for time lapse is not a difficult task. You just need to manage the right settings. Here is what you should optimize in your GoPro hero 5 for time lapse video:

Setting The right Interval of Shooting.

You Need to Choose an Ideal Resolution.

Selecting an Exact Playback Rate.

Deciding the Length of Your Video:

  1. Selecting the Best Interval for Time Lapse:

Selecting an ideal time interval is very necessary. Check out the following time intervals for different scenarios:

0.5s for low movements such as birds, insects etc.

1.0s to make time lapse videos of urban cities, moving people or traffic etc.

2.0s in case you want to make time lapse on moving clouds.

5.0s for shooting the sunset scenario. You can also make sunrise or moving cloud time lapse on this interval.

10s to shoot clouds with movement or to make construction time lapse.

30s to shoot a time lapse of thunderstorms or puddles etc.

60s to film blooming of a flower, or for long term processes.

  1. Choosing Resolution:

For time lapse vlogging on a GoPro, you should choose 12MP as your camera resolution and set the fps rate at 30 to make sure that you can make an effective time lapse video.

  1. Tips Before Shooting a Time Lapse Video:

Before you shoot your first time lapse make sure that you have:

  • Got an ideal position for the camera.
  • You are using a perfect tripod for your GoPro.
  • A fast SD card with large space.
  • Spare batteries if you don’t have other power sources.
  • Using a long cord if you have got a power source nearby.
  • The suction mount is also necessary to keep the camera in position.

Apply these tips before you make a time lapse video.

  1. Steps for Making Time lapse Video:

Now that you have got an ideal position and settings on your GoPro, the only thing left is to start recording your time lapse video.

Follow these steps to start recording on GoPro hero 5:

  • Switch On Your Camera.
  • Tap the shooting mode icon available at the very bottom of the left in the camera.
  • From there click on time lapse icon and choose time lapse video option.
  • Select Ideal settings that I have mentioned above.
  • Press the record button on your GoPro hero 5.
  • Simply download your video after the camera is done recording by using an SD memory card reader.


Doing Time lapse vlogging with a GoPro is not a difficult task. Just follow these simple steps to make a perfect time lapse video on your GoPro.

How to Do Indoor Vlogging With a GoPro:

You can easily shoot indoor vlogs such as tutorial videos, or product unboxing videos on the GoPro camera.

Simply follow these steps to shoot an effective indoor vlog with your GoPro camera:

Things You Will Need:

  1. Camera (GoPro Hero 5, Hero 7)
  2. Tripod (Joby GorillaPod).
  3. External Microphone (PowerDeWise Lavalier Microphone)

Steps to Follow for a Perfect Indoor Vlog:

Some important steps are as follows:

  1. Choose a Topic:

Simply choose a topic in your mind on which you want to make a vlog. By having a proper idea, your vlog will have a straight direction.

  1. Noting Key Points:

You should note the key points that you want in your vlog. Highlight them so that you can easily describe them one by one.

  1. Proper Lighting:

While filming an indoor vlog, make sure that you have got proper lighting in your surroundings.

  1. Filming Your Video:

Make use of a tripod to get a perfect angle from where you should start filming your video.

Keep focusing on the main subject with the help of your GoPro camera to make your vlog more professional.

  1. Proper Video Editing:

Do proper video editing via free video editing apps to cut and trim the unnecessary things in your video.

  1. Uploading:

Finally, upload your vlog on your YouTube channel. Give a unique title, add an attractive description. Use relevant tags and upload a proper thumbnail for your video.

Make your video live and you are done with uploading jobs.

Use social media platforms to promote your vlog. Join relevant communities to make sure that your channel gets the recognition it needs.


That’s how you are going to do indoor vlogging with a GoPro. Follow these simple steps and you will be able to make an effective indoor vlog with GoPro.

The Final Word:

Vlogging with a GoPro is possible but with the right equipment. The steps that I have told can be used to set your GoPro fro different vlogging purposes.

So, what are you waiting for? Start making your first professional vlog with GoPro to achieve your goal and passion in a short span of time.

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